Hillcrest Bed and Breakfast Sligo

The area surrounding Hillcrest Bed and breakfast Sligo is home to some of the most beautiful hillwalking trails in Sligo. All the different trails each have their own unique sights. The following are just some of the walks in the area. We can advise you further on the various trails in the area.

The first trail is a loop taking you to the shores of Lough Arrow. Firstly, by turing left at Hillcrest Bed and Breakfast Sligo, it takes you to Highwood church, where you can turn right, after about a mile you will come to the shore of Lough Arrow, the trail takes you along the shore and past Ballindoon Abbey where you can again turn right, coming straight back up to Hillcrest. The walk takes about 2 hours.

The second trail is a very peaceful walk towards Lough Bo. Turning right at Hillcrest Bed and Breakfast Sligo, continuing to Ballindoon Cross Roads, where you take another right, You continue on to Killadoon Cross roads where you take another right. Continuing on you will reach a sign for cornamuckla where you continue right (should you wish to view Lough Bo you should continue straight on here). The trail brings you to Lough na sool which has an interesting story behind it going back to the Battle of Moytura.

The Miners Way is a historical trail which was used by the miners of Arigna when the mine was in operation. It incorporates parts of counties Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon. In total the Miners way is 80 miles, but can be broken into stages. Our local stage takes in Castlebaldiwn and Ballyfarnon and is a total of 16 km long. For more information click here.

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