Hillcrest Bed and Breakfast Sligo

Local History

Sligo is rich in archaeological sites and there are many in the area of Hillcrest. Carrowkeel is a well known Megalithic site with hilltop passage tombs. This site is within 20 minutes of Hillcrest. You can park close by and walk to the tombs where the views over Lough Arrow are amazing.

For more information see www.carrowkeel.com

Closer to Hillcrest Bed and Breakfast Sligo is the Labby Rock. You can access this site by parking at the nearby hotel Cromleach Lodge and follow the trail through a small forest.

Closer to Sligo Town is Carrowmore archaeological site which Dates back to the stone age. This takes about 30 minutes by car. The complete area is steeped in Megalithic areas of interest streaching from Bunduff in the North to Knocknashee Hillfort in the West. Ballindoon Abbey is a fifteen minute walk from Hillcrest. This is a Dominican Priory which was built in 1507.

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